LMGroup.coefficients_dataset(terms=None, long=False)

Regression coefficients in a Dataset

By default, each regression coefficient is assigned as separate column. With long=True, a long form table is produced, in which the coefficients for different terms are stacked vertically and the term Factor specifies which term the coefficients correspond to.

  • terms (str | sequence of str) – Terms for which to retrieve coefficients (default is all terms).

  • long (bool) – Produce a table in long form.


ds – If the dataset is in the wide form (default), each model coefficient is assigned as NDVar with a key corresponding to the .column_keys attribute. If the dataset is in the long form (with long=True), it has the following entries:

  • coeff: the coefficients in an NDVar

  • term: a Factor with the name of the term

In addition, all available subject-variables are assigned.

Return type: