Getting Started


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Getting help

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Interacting with other Python libraries


Convert an Eelbrain Dataset to a pandas.DataFrame using Dataset.as_dataframe(). Useful libraries: Pingouin (statistics); Seaborn (plotting).


When using R from Python through the rpy2 bridge, transfer data between R data.frame and Eelbrain Dataset using Dataset.from_r() and Dataset.to_r().

MacOS: Framework Build

On macOS, the GUI backend that Eelbrain uses when run from the command-line interpreter requires a special build of Python called a “Framework build”. Eelbrain installs a shortcut to start IPython with a Framework build:

$ eelbrain

This automatically launches IPython with the “eelbrain” profile. A default startup script that executes from eelbrain import * is created, and can be changed in the corresponding IPython profile.

Windows: Scrolling

Scrolling inside a plot axes normally uses arrow keys, but this is currently not possible on Windows (due to an issue in Matplotlib). Instead, the following keys can be used: