Getting Started


For an introduction to Eelbrain, see Introduction and the other Examples. For a tutorial on using Eelbrain for analyzing an experiment with temporal response function, see this preprint. For details of all the functionality see the API Reference.

Interacting with other Python libraries


Convert an Eelbrain Dataset to a pandas.DataFrame using Dataset.as_dataframe(). Useful libraries: Pingouin (statistics); Seaborn (plotting).


When using R from Python through the rpy2 bridge, transfer data between R data.frame and Eelbrain Dataset using Dataset.from_r() and Dataset.to_r().

MacOS: Framework Build

On macOS, the GUI backend that Eelbrain uses when run from the command-line interpreter requires a special build of Python called a “Framework build”. Eelbrain installs a shortcut to start IPython with a Framework build:

$ eelbrain

This automatically launches IPython with the “eelbrain” profile. A default startup script that executes from eelbrain import * is created, and can be changed in the corresponding IPython profile.

Windows: Scrolling

Scrolling inside a plot axes normally uses arrow keys, but this is currently not possible on Windows (due to an issue in Matplotlib). Instead, the following keys can be used: