Basic Installation

Eelbrain can be installed as pre-compiled library from conda-forge:

$ conda install -c conda-forge eelbrain


$ mamba install eelbrain

Eelbrain source code is also hosted on the Python Package Index (PyPI), but installing from PyPI requires local compilation:

$ pip install eelbrain

The default PYPI installation omits the optional dependencies which are required for creating PySurfer/Mayavi based anatomical plots. In order to install these dependencies as well, use:

$ pip install eelbrain[brain]

See also

For more installing options, including pre-releases, see the wiki.

Full Setup

The recommended tool for deploying Eelbrain is the Mamba package manager:

  1. Install Mamba.

  2. Create an environment containing Eelbrain along with other libraries required for a project. An example environment is provided in the Alice repository’s environment.yml file:

$ mamba env create --file=

By default, this new environment will be called eelbrain (as specified in the environment.yml file), and can be activated with the following command (note the change in the command line prefix):

(base) $ mamba activate eelbrain
(eelbrain) $

You will have to activate the environment every time you start a new shell session.

Eelbrain can then be used from this environment, for example through Jupyter Lab:

(eelbrain) $ jupyter lab

In an existing environment, Eelbrain can generally be updated with the following command (assuming the target environment is currently active):

(eelbrain) $ mamba update eelbrain

The currently installed version can be displayed with the mamba list command:

(eelbrain) $ mamba list eelbrain
# packages in environment at ~/miniforge3/envs/test:
# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
eelbrain                  0.39.11         py311h86e7398_0    conda-forge

Sometimes Mamba may run into difficulties while updating and it may be easier to create a new environment instead.

See also

Mamba is an extension of Conda. The Conda documentation provides more information on environments.