Eelbrain is hosted on GitHub.

The Development Version

Development takes place on the master branch, while release versions are maintained on branches called r/0.26 etc. For further information on working with GitHub see GitHub’s instructions.

The repository contains a conda environment that contains everything needed to use Eelbrain except Eelbrain itself. To generate the eeldev environment, use:

$ conda env create --file=env-dev.yml

The development version of Eelbrain can then be installed through

$ conda activate eeldev
$ python develop

On macOS, the $ eelbrain shell script to run iPython with the framework build is not installed properly by; in order to fix this, run:

$ ./fix-bin

In Python, you can make sure that you are working with the development version:

>>> import eelbrain
>>> eelbrain.__version__


Contributions to code and documenation are welcome as pull requests into the master branch.

Style guides:

Useful tools:


Tests for individual modules are included in folders called tests, usually on the same level as the module. To run all tests, run $ make test from the Eelbrain project directory. On macOS, tests needs to run with the framework build of Python; if you get a corresponding error, run $ ./fix-bin pytest from the Eelbrain repository root.