MneExperiment.load_evoked_stf(subjects=None, baseline=True, mask=True, morph=None, keep_stc=False, **state)

Load frequency space evoked data

  • subjects (str | 1 | -1) – Subject(s) for which to load data. Can be a single subject name or a group name such as 'all'. 1 to use the current subject; -1 for the current group. Default is current subject (or group if group is specified).

  • baseline (bool | Tuple[float | None, float | None]) – Apply baseline correction using this period in sensor space. True to use the epoch’s baseline specification. The default is True.

  • mask (bool | str) – Discard data that is labelled unknown by the parcellation. Parcellation name (str) to specify a parcellation, True to use the parc/mask (parcellations) state parameter. Only applies when ndvar=True, default True.

  • morph (bool) – Morph the source estimates to the common brain (default False, except when loading multiple subjects and ndvar=True).

  • keep_stc (bool) – Keep the source timecourse data in the Dataset that is returned (default False).

  • ... – State parameters.