class eelbrain.pipeline.TContrastRelated(model, contrast, tail=0)

Contrasts of T-maps (see eelbrain.testnd.TContrastRelated)

  • model (str) – The model which defines the cells that are used in the test. It is specified in the "x % y" format (like interaction definitions) where x and y are variables in the experiment’s events.

  • contrast (str) – Contrast specification using cells form the specified model (see eelbrain.testnd.TContrastRelated)).

  • tail (int) – Tailedness of the test. 0 for two-tailed (default), 1 for upper tail and -1 for lower tail.


Sample test definitions:

tests = {
    'a_b_intersection': TContrastRelated{'abc', 'min(a > c, b > c)', tail=1),