class eelbrain.pipeline.LabelVar(source, codes, default=True, session=None, fnmatch=False)

Variable assigning labels to values

  • source (str) – Variable supplying the values (e.g., "trigger").

  • codes (Dict[str | float | Tuple[str, ...] | Tuple[float, ...], str | float]) – Mapping values in source to values in the new variable. The type of the values determines whether the output is a Factor (str values) or a Var (numerical values).

  • default (bool | str | float) – Label for values not in codes. By default, this is '' for categorial and 0 for numerical output. Set to False to pass through unlabeled input values.

  • session (str) – Only apply the variable to events from this session.

  • fnmatch (bool) – Treat keys in codes as fnmatch patterns.