eelbrain.event_impulse_predictor(shape, time='time', value=1, latency=0, name=None, data=None)

Time series with multiple impulses

  • shape (NDVar | str | UTS) – Shape of the output. Can be specified as the NDVar with the data to predict, or an (n_cases, time_dimension) tuple.

  • time (str | Sequence[float]) – Time points at which impulses occur.

  • value (float | Sequence[float] | str) – Magnitude of each impulse (default 1).

  • latency (float | Sequence[float] | str) – Latency of each impulse relative to time (default 0).

  • name (str) – Name for the output NDVar.

  • data (Dataset) – If specified, input items (time, value and latency) can be strings to be evaluated in data.

Return type:


See also


for epoched data (with Case dimension and a single impulse per epoch)