eelbrain.load.fiff.add_mne_epochs(ds, tmin=-0.1, tmax=None, baseline=None, target='epochs', **kwargs)

Load epochs and add them to a dataset as mne.Epochs.

If, after loading, the Epochs contain fewer cases than the Dataset, a copy of the Dataset is made containing only those events also contained in the Epochs. Note that the Epochs are always loaded with preload==True.

If the Dataset’s info dictionary contains a ‘bad_channels’ entry, those bad channels are added to the epochs.

ds : Dataset

Dataset with events from a raw fiff file (i.e., created by

tmin : scalar

First sample to include in the epochs in seconds (Default is -0.1).

tmax : scalar

Last sample to include in the epochs in seconds (Default 0.6; use tstop instead to specify index exclusive of last sample).

baseline : tuple(tmin, tmax) | None

Time interval for baseline correction. Tmin/tmax in seconds, or None to use all the data (e.g., (None, 0) uses all the data from the beginning of the epoch up to t=0). baseline=None for no baseline correction (default).

target : str

Name for the Epochs object in the Dataset.

See mne_epochs().