eelbrain.load.besa.mrat_data(path=None, tstart=-0.1, roi=None, varname=None)

Load meg data from a saved mrat dataset object

path : str | None

Path to the *.m file containing the saved results. If None, a file can be selected using a system file dialog.

tstart : scalar

Time value of the first sample in the data.

roi : numpy index

Index of the sources to load (Python style indexing, i.e., the first source has index 0).

varname : str | None

If the *.m file contains more than one variable, the name of the variable containing the results can be specified as string.

mrat_data : Dataset

A Dataset containing the following variables: ‘meg’ the meg ROI waveforms; ‘condition’ the condition label; ‘subject’ a subject identifier.