MneExperiment.make_epoch_selection(self, decim=None, auto=None, overwrite=None, **state)

Open gui.select_epochs() for manual epoch selection

The GUI is opened with the correct file name; if the corresponding file exists, it is loaded, and upon saving the correct path is the default.

decim : int

Decimate epochs for the purpose of faster display. Decimation is applied relative to the raw data file (i.e., if the raw data is sampled at a 1000 Hz, decim=10 results in a sampling rate of 100 Hz for display purposes. The default is to use the decim parameter specified in the epoch definition.

auto : scalar (optional)

Perform automatic rejection instead of showing the GUI by supplying a an absolute threshold (for example, 1e-12 to reject any epoch in which the absolute of at least one channel exceeds 1 picotesla). If a rejection file already exists also set overwrite=True.

overwrite : bool

If auto is specified and a rejection file already exists, overwrite the old file. The default is to raise an error if the file exists (None). Set to False to quietly keep the exising file.

State parameters.