eelbrain.combine(items, name=None, check_dims=True, incomplete='raise', dim_intersection=False)

Combine a list of items of the same type into one item.

items : sequence

Sequence of data objects to combine (Dataset, Var, Factor, NDVar or Datalist). A sequence of numbers is converted to Var, a sequence of strings is converted to Factor.

name : None | str

Name for the resulting data-object. If None, the name of the combined item is the common prefix of all items.

check_dims : bool

For NDVars, check dimensions for consistency between items (e.g., channel locations in a Sensor dimension). Default is True. Set to False to ignore non-fatal mismatches.

incomplete : “raise” | “drop” | “fill in”

Only applies when combining Datasets: how to handle variables that are missing from some of the input Datasets. With "raise" (default), a KeyError to be raised. With "drop", partially missing variables are dropped. With "fill in", they are retained and missing values are filled in with empty values ("" for factors, NaN for variables).

dim_intersection : bool

Only applies to combining NDVar: normally, when NDVar have mismatching dimensions, a DimensionMismatchError is raised. With dim_intersection, the intersection is used instead.


The info dict inherits only entries that are equal (x is y or np.array_equal(x, y)) for all items.