eelbrain.psd_welch(ndvar, fmin=0, fmax=inf, n_fft=256, n_overlap=0, n_per_seg=None)

Power spectral density with Welch’s method

  • ndvar (NDVar (..., time, ...)) – Data with time dimension.

  • fmin (scalar) – Lower bound of the frequencies of interest.

  • fmax (scalar) – Upper bound of the frequencies of interest.

  • n_fft (int) – Length of the FFT in samples (default 256).

  • n_overlap (int) – Overlap between segments in samples (default 0).

  • n_per_seg (int | None) – Length of each Welch segment in samples. Smaller n_per_seg result in smoother PSD estimates (default n_fft).


psd – Power spectral density.

Return type:

NDVar (…, frequency)


Uses mne.time_frequency.psd_array_welch() implementation.