eelbrain.pad(ndvar, tstart=None, tstop=None, nsamples=None, set_tmin=False, name=None)

Pad (or crop) an NDVar in time

  • ndvar (NDVar) – NDVar to pad.

  • tstart (float) – New tstart.

  • tstop (float) – New tstop.

  • nsamples (int) – New number of samples.

  • set_tmin (bool) – Reset tmin to be exactly equal to tstart. By default, the new tmin is inferred from the time-step, i.e. the sample at which time == 0 is left exactly unchanged. With set_tmin, the time point at which time == 0 might shift slightly if the amount of time added is not an exact multiple of the time step.

  • name (str) – Name for the new NDVar.

Return type: