eelbrain.gui.select_components(path, data, sysname=None, connectivity=None, decim=None)

GUI for selecting ICA-components

  • path (Path | str) – Path to the ICA file.

  • data (Dataset | BaseRaw) – Data to use for displying component time course during source selection. Can be specified as object with continuous data, or as Dataset with epoched data (data['epochs'] should contain an mne.Epochs object). Optionally, data['index'] can provide labels to display for epochs (the default is range(n_epochs)). Further Factor can be used to plot condition averages.

  • sysname (str) – Optional, to define sensor connectivity.

  • connectivity (str | Sequence) – Optional, to define sensor connectivity (see eelbrain.load.mne.sensor_dim()).

  • decim (int) – Decimate the data for display (only applies when data is a Raw object; default is to spproximate 100 Hz samplingrate).


The ICA object does not need to be computed on the same data that is in ds. For example, the ICA can be computed on a raw file but component selection done using the epochs that will be analyzed.


If the terminal becomes unresponsive after closing the GUI, try disabling prompt_toolkit with configure(): eelbrain.configure(prompt_toolkit=False).