MneExperiment.make_ica_selection(epoch=None, samplingrate=None, decim=None, session=None, **state)

Select ICA components to remove through a GUI

  • epoch (str) – Epoch to use for visualization in the GUI (default is to use the raw data).

  • samplingrate (float) – Samplingrate in Hz for the visualization (set to a lower value to improve GUI performance; for raw data, the default is ~100 Hz, for epochs the default is the epoch setting).

  • decim (int) – Data decimation factor (alternative to samplingrate).

  • session (str | Sequence[str]) – One or more sessions for which to plot the raw data (this parameter can not be used together with epoch; default is the session used for ICA estimation).

  • ... – State parameters.


Computing ICA decomposition can take a while. In order to precompute the decomposition for all subjects before doing the selection use make_ica() in a loop as in:

>>> for subject in e:
...     e.make_ica()