MneExperiment.load_selected_events(subjects=None, reject=True, add_bads=True, index=True, data_raw=False, vardef=None, cat=None, **kwargs)

Load events and return a subset based on epoch and rejection

  • subjects (str | 1 | -1) – Subject(s) for which to load data. Can be a single subject name or a group name such as 'all'. 1 to use the current subject; -1 for the current group. Default is current subject (or group if group is specified).

  • reject (bool | 'keep') – Reject bad trials. If True (default), bad trials are removed from the Dataset. Set to False to ignore the trial rejection. Set reject='keep' to load the rejection (added it to the events as 'accept' variable), but keep bad trails.

  • add_bads (False | True | list) – Add bad channel information to the Raw. If True, bad channel information is retrieved from the bad channels file. Alternatively, a list of bad channels can be specified.

  • index (bool | str) – Index the Dataset before rejection (provide index name as str).

  • data_raw (bool) – Keep the instance in['raw'] (default False).

  • vardef (str) – Name of a test defining additional variables.

  • cat (sequence of cell-names) – Only load data for these cells (cells of model).

  • ... – State parameters.


When trial rejection is set to automatic, not rejection is performed because no epochs are loaded.