, color=None, sub=None, ds=None, diagonal=None, rasterize=None, markers='.', alpha=0.5, **kwargs)

Table with pairwise scatter-plots (see plot.Scatter)

  • xs (Sequence[Union[Var, str]]) – List of variables for pairwise comparisons.

  • color (Union[Var, str, None]) – Plot the correlation separately for different categories.

  • sub (Union[Var, ndarray, str, None]) – Plot a subset of cases.

  • ds (Optional[Dataset]) – If a Dataset is specified, all data-objects can be specified as names of Dataset variables

  • diagonal (Optional[Tuple[float, float]]) – Lower and upper value for plotting a diagonal (e.g. (0, 10) to plot diagonal from (0, 0) to (10, 10)).

  • rasterize (Optional[bool]) – Rasterize images (improves display performance for plots with many points; default: rasterize for datasets with > 500 cases).

  • ** – Other plot.Scatter arguments.

Return type