eelbrain.plot.subplots(nrows=1, ncols=1, axh=None, axw=None, h=None, w=None, left=None, right=None, wspace=None, width_ratios=None, bottom=None, top=None, hspace=None, height_ratios=None, **kwargs)

Specify matplotlib.pyplot.subplots() parameters in inches

  • nrows (int) – Number of subplot rows.

  • ncols (int) – Number of subplot columns.

  • axh (float) – Height of each axes.

  • axw (float) – Width of each axes.

  • h (float) – Figure height.

  • w (float) – Figure width.

  • left (float) – Margin to the left of the axes.

  • right (float) – Margin to the right of the axes.

  • wspace (float) – Width of the margin between axes.

  • width_ratios (Sequence[float]) – The relative widths of the columns (see matplotlib.gridspec.GridSpec).

  • bottom (float) – Margin below the axes.

  • top (float) – Margin above the axes.

  • hspace (float) – Height of the margin between axes.

  • height_ratios (Sequence[float]) – The relative heights of the rows (see matplotlib.gridspec.GridSpec).

  • ** – Other parameters for matplotlib.pyplot.subplots().

Return type:

(matplotlib.figure.Figure, Union[matplotlib.axes.Axes, np.ndarray])