eelbrain.plot.brain.butterfly(y, cmap=None, vmin=None, vmax=None, surf='inflated', views='lateral', hemi=None, w=5, h=2.5, smoothing_steps=None, mask=True, xlim=None, name=None)

Shortcut for a Butterfly-plot with a time-linked brain plot

  • y (NDVar ([case,] time, source)) – Data to plot; if y has a case dimension, the mean is plotted. y can also be a testnd t-test result, in which case a masked parameter map is plotted (p ≤ 0.05).

  • cmap (str | array) – Colormap (name of a matplotlib colormap).

  • vmin (scalar) – Plot data range minimum.

  • vmax (scalar) – Plot data range maximum.

  • surf ('inflated' | 'pial' | 'smoothwm' | 'sphere' | 'white') – Freesurfer surface to use as brain geometry.

  • views (str | sequence of str) – One or several views to show in the figure. The options are: 'lateral', 'medial', 'ventral', 'dorsal', 'rostral', 'parietal', 'frontal', 'caudal'.

  • hemi ('lh' | 'rh') – Plot only this hemisphere (the default is to plot all hemispheres with data in y).

  • w (scalar) – Butterfly plot width (inches).

  • h (scalar) – Plot height (inches; applies to butterfly and brain plot).

  • smoothing_steps (None | int) – Number of smoothing steps if data is spatially undersampled (pysurfer Brain.add_data() argument).

  • mask (bool | matplotlib color) – Shade areas that are not in src. Can be matplotlib color, including alpha (e.g., (1, 1, 1, 0.5) for semi-transparent white). If smoothing is enabled through smoothing_steps, the mask is added as data layer, otherwise it is added as label. To add a mask independently, use the Brain.add_mask() method.

  • xlim (scalar | (scalar, scalar)) – Initial x-axis view limits as (left, right) tuple or as length scalar (default is the full x-axis in the data).

  • name (str) – The window title (default is


  • butterfly_plot (plot.Butterfly) – Butterfly plot.

  • brain (Brain) – Brain plot.