class eelbrain.plot.Style(color=(0, 0, 0), marker=None, hatch='', linestyle=None, linewidth=None, zorder=0, masked=None, edgecolor=None, edgewidth=(0,), linemarker=False, alias=None)

Plotting style for Line2D, Patch and matplotlib.pyplot.scatter() plot types.

  • color (Any) – Line color or face-color for patches and markers.

  • marker (str) – Maker shape (see matplotlib.markers). Use line_marker to control whether markers are used for lines.

  • hatch (str) – For patches (see set_hatch()).

  • linestyle (str) – For lines, see matplotlib.lines.Line2D.set_linestyle()).

  • linewidth (float) – For lines.

  • zorder (float) – Z-order for plot elements, relative to object-specific default (use positive values to bring this category to the front).

  • masked (Any | Dict[str, Any]) – Alternate style for masked elements (e.g., when plotting permutation test results, lines that are not significant).

  • edgecolor (Any) – For patches and markers.

  • edgewidth (float) – Line-width for the edges of patches and markers.

  • linemarker (bool | str) – Plot markers in line plots.

  • alias (str | Tuple[str, ...]) –