class eelbrain.pipeline.SubParc(base, labels, views=None)

A subset of labels in another parcellation

  • base (str) – The name of the parcellation that provides the input labels. A common base is the 'aparc' parcellation 1.

  • labels (tuple of str) – Labels to copy from base. In order to include a label in both hemispheres, omit the *-hemi tag. For example, with base='aparc', labels=('transversetemporal',) would include the transverse temporal gyrus in both hemisphere, whereas labels=('transversetemporal-lh',) would include the transverse temporal gyrus of only the left hemisphere.

  • views (sequence of str) – Views shown in anatomical plots, e.g. ("medial", "lateral").


Lateral temporal lobe of both hemispheres:

parcs = {
    'lateraltemporal': SubParc('aparc', (
        'transversetemporal', 'superiortemporal', 'bankssts',
        'middletemporal', 'inferiortemporal')),



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