class eelbrain.pipeline.RawApplyICA(source, ica, cache=False)

Apply ICA estimated in a RawICA pipe

  • source (str) – Name of the raw pipe to use for input data.

  • ica (str) – Name of the RawICA pipe from which to load the ICA components.

  • cache (bool) – Cache the resulting raw files (default False).


This pipe inherits bad channels from the ICA.


Estimate ICA components with 1-40 Hz band-pass filter and apply the ICA to data that is high pass filtered at 0.1 Hz:

class Experiment(MneExperiment):

    raw = {
        '1-40': RawFilter('raw', 1, 40),
        'ica': RawICA('1-40', 'session', 'extended-infomax', n_components=0.99),
        '0.1-40': RawFilter('raw', 0.1, 40),
        '0.1-40-ica': RawApplyICA('0.1-40', 'ica'),