eelbrain.concatenate(ndvars, dim='time', name=None, tmin=0, info=None, ravel=None)

Concatenate multiple NDVars

  • ndvars (NDVar | Sequence[NDVar]) – NDVars to be concatenated. Can also be a single 2d NDVar to concatenate the levels of the dimension other than dim.

  • dim (str | Dimension) – Either a string specifying an existsing dimension along which to concatenate, or a Dimension object to create a new dimension (default 'time').

  • name (str) – Name the NDVar holding the result.

  • tmin (float | 'first') – Time axis start, only applies when concatenating along time dimension (dim='time'); default is 0. Set tmin='first' to use tmin of ndvars[0].

  • info (dict) – Info for the returned ndvar.

  • ravel (str) – If ndvars is a single NDVar with more than 2 dimensions, ravel specifies which dimension to unravel for concatenation.


ndvar – NDVar with concatenated data.

Return type: