class eelbrain.VolumeSourceSpace(vertices, subject=None, src=None, subjects_dir=None, parc=None, connectivity='custom', name='source', filename='{subject}-{src}-src.fif')

MNE volume source space

  • vertices (Sequence[numpy.ndarray]) – List of 2 integer arrays. The vertex identities of the dipoles in the source space (left and right hemisphere separately).

  • subject (str) – The mri-subject name.

  • src (str) – The description of the source space (e.g. vol-7).

  • subjects_dir (PathArg) – The path to the FreeSurfer subjects-directory (needed to locate the source space file).

  • parc (str) – Add a parcellation to the source space to identify vertex location.

  • connectivity ('grid' | 'none' | array of int, (n_edges, 2)) – Connectivity between elements. Set to "none" for no connections or "grid" to use adjacency in the sequence of elements as connection. Set to numpy.ndarray to specify custom connectivity. The array should be of shape (n_edges, 2), and each row should specify one connection [i, j] with i < j, with rows sorted in ascending order. If the array’s dtype is uint32, property checks are disabled to improve efficiency.

  • name (str) – Dimension name (default "source").

  • filename (str) – Filename template for the MNE source space file.

See also


surface-based source space


circular_index(seeds[, extent, name])

Return an index into all vertices closer than extent of a seed


Create source space connectivity


Convert a dimension index to an array index

from_file(subjects_dir, subject, src[, ...])

SourceSpace dimension from MNE source space file

from_mne_source_spaces(source_spaces, src, ...)

SourceSpace dimension from mne.SourceSpaces object


Read the corresponding MNE source space


Return the index for a label


Index into a subset dimension

intersect(dim[, check_dims])

Create a Source dimension that is the intersection with dim