SequencePlotter.add_ndvar(ndvar, *args, static=None, index=None, label=None, **kwargs)

Add a data layer to the brain plot

Multiple data layers can be added sequentially, but each additional layer needs to have a time dimension that is compatible with previous layers (or no time dimension).

  • ndvar (NDVar) – Data to add. Source dimension only for a static layer, additional time or case dimension for dynamic layers.

  • ...add_ndvar() parameters.

  • static (bool) – When supplying a one dimensional ndvar, whether to consider it as a static layer (an overlay appearing on all plots) or as one of several plots (default).

  • index (int) – When adding separate frames (rows/columns), explicitly specify the frame index (the default is to add a frame at the end; use -1 to add an overlay to the most recent frame).

  • label (Union[str, Sequence[str]]) – Label when adding multiple separate NDVars. Labels for bins when adding ndvar with multiple bins.