TopoArray.plot_colorbar(label=True, label_position=None, label_rotation=None, clipmin=None, clipmax=None, orientation='horizontal', unit=None, **kwargs)

Plot a colorbar corresponding to the displayed data

  • label (bool | str) – Label for the x-axis (default is based on the data).

  • label_position (Literal['left', 'right', 'top', 'bottom']) – Position of the axis label. Valid values depend on orientation.

  • label_rotation (float) – Angle of the label in degrees (For horizontal colorbars, the default is 0; for vertical colorbars, the default is 0 for labels of 3 characters and shorter, and 90 for longer labels).

  • clipmin (float) – Clip the color-bar below this value.

  • clipmax (float) – Clip the color-bar above this value.

  • orientation (Literal['horizontal', 'vertical']) – Orientation of the bar (default is horizontal).

  • unit (str | float) – Unit for the axis to determine tick labels (for example, 'µV' to label 0.000001 as ‘1’) or multiplier (e.g., 1e-6).

  • ... – More parameters for plot.ColorBar.


colorbar – ColorBar plot object.

Return type: