MneExperiment.load_raw(add_bads=True, preload=False, ndvar=False, samplingrate=None, decim=None, tstart=None, tstop=None, **kwargs)

Load a raw file as mne Raw object.

  • add_bads (Union[bool, Sequence[str]]) – Add bad channel information to the bad channels text file (default True).

  • preload (bool) – Load raw data into memory (default False; see parameter).

  • ndvar (bool) – Load as NDVar instead of mne Raw object (default False).

  • samplingrate (int) – Samplingrate in Hz for the analysis.

  • decim (int) – Decimate data (default 1, i.e. no decimation; value other than 1 implies preload=True)

  • tstart (float) – Crop the raw data. After cropping the time axis will be reset, i.e., the tstart will be set to t = 0.

  • tstop (float) – Crop the raw data.

  • ...

    Applicable State Parameters:

    • session: from which session to load raw data

    • raw: preprocessing pipeline