MneExperiment.get(temp, fmatch=False, vmatch=True, match=True, mkdir=False, make=False, **kwargs)

Retrieve a formatted template

With match=True, ‘*’ are expanded to match a file, and if there is not a unique match, an error is raised. With mkdir=True, the directory containing the file is created if it does not exist.

  • temp (str) – Name of the requested template.

  • fmatch (bool) – “File-match”: If the template contains asterisk (‘*’), use glob to fill it in. An IOError is raised if the pattern does not match exactly one file.

  • vmatch (bool) – “Value match”: Require existence of the assigned value (only applies for fields with stored values).

  • match (bool) – Do any matching (i.e., match=False sets fmatch as well as vmatch to False).

  • mkdir (bool) – If the directory containing the file does not exist, create it.

  • make (bool) – If a requested file does not exists, make it if possible.

  • kwargs – Set any state values.