eelbrain.test.ttest(y, x=None, against=0, match=None, sub=None, corr='Hochberg', title='{desc}', ds=None)

T-tests for one or more samples

  • y (Var) – Dependent variable

  • x (None | categorial) – Perform tests separately for all categories in x.

  • against (scalar | str | tuple) – Baseline against which to test (scalar or category in x).

  • match (None | Factor) – Repeated measures factor.

  • sub (index) – Only use part of the data.

  • corr (None | 'hochberg' | 'bonferroni' | 'holm') – Method for multiple comparison correction (default ‘hochberg’).

  • title (str) – Title for the table.

  • ds (Dataset) – If a Dataset is given, all data-objects can be specified as names of Dataset variables


table – Table with results.

Return type

FMText Table