class eelbrain.plot.ColorList(colors, cells=None, labels=None, size=None, h='auto', **kwargs)

Plot colors with labels

  • colors (dict) – Colors for cells.

  • cells (tuple) – Cells for which to plot colors (default is colors.keys()).

  • labels (dict (optional)) – Condition labels that are used instead of the keys in colors. This is useful if colors uses abbreviated labels, but the color legend should contain more intelligible labels.

  • size (scalar) – Size (width and height) of the color squares (the default is to scale them to fit the font size).

  • h ('auto' | scalar) – Height of the figure in inches. If ‘auto’ (default), the height is chosen to fit all labels.

  • .. – Also accepts General layout parameters.


labels (list of matplotlib.text.Text) – Color labels.


add_hline(y[, axes])

Draw a horizontal line on one or more axes

add_hspan(bottom, top[, axes])

Draw a horizontal bar on one or more axes

add_vline(x[, axes])

Draw a vertical line on one or more axes

add_vspan(xmin, xmax[, axes])

Draw a vertical bar on one or more axes


Close the figure.


(Re-)draw the figure (after making manual changes).


Draw crosshairs under the cursor

image([name, format, close])

Create FMTXT Image from the figure

save(*args, **kwargs)

Short-cut for Matplotlib’s savefig()


Set the figure window title

set_xlabel(label[, ax])

Set the label for the x-axis


Rotate every x-axis tick-label by an angle (counterclockwise, in degrees)

set_ylabel(label[, ax])

Set the label for the y-axis