eelbrain.gui.select_components(path, ds, sysname=None, connectivity=None)

GUI for selecting ICA-components

  • path (str) – Path to the ICA file.

  • ds (Dataset) – Dataset with epochs to use for source selection in ds['epochs'] (as mne-python Epochs object). Optionally, ds['index'] can be the indexes to display for epochs (the default is range(n_epochs). Further Factor can be used to plot condition averages.

  • sysname (str) – Optional, to define sensor connectivity.

  • connectivity – Optional, to define sensor connectivity (see eelbrain.load.fiff.sensor_dim()).


The ICA object does not need to be computed on the same data that is in ds. For example, the ICA can be computed on a raw file but component selection done using the epochs that will be analyzed.