eelbrain.combine(items, name=None, check_dims=True, incomplete='raise', dim_intersection=False)

Combine a list of items of the same type into one item.

  • items (Iterable) – Sequence of data objects to combine (Dataset, Var, Factor, NDVar or Datalist). A sequence of numbers is converted to Var, a sequence of strings is converted to Factor.

  • name (Optional[str]) – Name for the resulting data-object. If None, the name of the combined item is the common prefix of all items.

  • check_dims (bool) – For NDVar columns, check dimensions for consistency between items (e.g., channel locations in a Sensor). Default is True. Set to False to ignore mismatches.

  • incomplete ("raise" | "drop" | "fill in") – Only applies when combining Datasets: how to handle variables that are missing from some of the input Datasets. With "raise" (default), raise a ValueError. With "drop", drop partially missing variables. With "fill in", retain partially missing variables and fill in missing values with empty values ("" for factors, NaN for numerical variables).

  • dim_intersection (bool) – Only applies to combining NDVar: normally, when NDVar have mismatching dimensions, a DimensionMismatchError is raised. With dim_intersection, the intersection is used instead.


The info dict inherits only entries that are equal (x is y or np.array_equal(x, y)) for all items.