eelbrain.xhemi(ndvar, mask=None, hemi='lh', parc=True)

Project data from both hemispheres to hemi of fsaverage_sym

Project data from both hemispheres to the same hemisphere for interhemisphere comparisons. The fsaverage_sym brain is a symmetric version of fsaverage to facilitate interhemisphere comparisons. It is included with FreeSurfer > 5.1 and can be obtained as described here. For statistical comparisons between hemispheres, use of the symmetric fsaverage_sym model is recommended to minimize bias [1].

ndvar : NDVar

NDVar with SourceSpace dimension.

mask : bool

Remove sources in “unknown-” labels (default is True unless ndvar contains sources with “unknown-” label).

hemi : ‘lh’ | ‘rh’

Hemisphere onto which to morph the data.

parc : bool | str

Parcellation for target source space; True to use same as in ndvar (default).

lh : NDVAr

Data from the left hemisphere on hemi of fsaverage_sym.

rh : NDVar

Data from the right hemisphere on hemi of fsaverage_sym.

See also

lower level function for morphing


Only symmetric volume source spaces are currently supported.


[1]Greve D. N., Van der Haegen L., Cai Q., Stufflebeam S., Sabuncu M. R., Fischl B., Brysbaert M. A Surface-based Analysis of Language Lateralization and Cortical Asymmetry. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 25(9), 1477-1492, 2013.