eelbrain.plot.soft_threshold_colormap(cmap, threshold, vmax, subthreshold=None, symmetric=None)

Soft-threshold a colormap to make small values transparent

cmap : str

Base colormap.

threshold : scalar

Value at which to threshold the colormap (i.e., the value at which to start the colormap).

vmax : scalar

Intended largest value of the colormap (used to infer the location of the threshold).

subthreshold : matplotlib color

Color of sub-threshold values (the default is the end or middle of the colormap, depending on whether it is symmetric).

symmetric : bool

Whether the cmap is symmetric (ranging from -vmax to vmax) or not (ranging from 0 to vmax). The default is True for known symmetric colormaps and False otherwise.

thresholded_cmap : matplotlib ListedColormap

Soft-thresholded colormap.