class eelbrain.plot.brain.SequencePlotter

Grid of anatomical images in one figure


Plotting an evoked response in 50 ms bins:

>>> ndvar_binned = ndvar.bin(0.05, 0, 0.3, 'extrema')
>>> sp = SequencePlotter()
>>> sp.set_brain_args(surf='smoothwm')
>>> sp.add_ndvar(ndvar_binned)
>>> p = sp.plot_table(view='lateral')

Plotting a test result:

>>> res = testnd.ttest_rel('srcm', 'condition')
>>> vmax = 3  # explicitly set vmax to make sure that the color-maps agree
>>> sp = plot.brain.SequancePlotter()
>>> sp.set_brain_args(surf='inflated')
>>> sp.add_ndvar(res.c1_mean, vmax=vmax, label='a')
>>> sp.add_ndvar(res.c0_mean, vmax=vmax, label = 'b')
>>> sp.add_ndvar(res.masked_difference(), vmax=vmax, label='a - b')
>>> p = sp.plot_table(view='lateral', orientation='vertical')


add_ndvar(self, ndvar, *args[, static, …]) Add a data layer to the brain plot
add_ndvar_label(self, ndvar[, color, …]) See add_ndvar_label()
add_pmap(self, res[, label])
plot_table(self[, hemi, view, orientation, …]) Create a figure with the images
set_brain(self, source) Set the brain model on which to plot
set_brain_args(self[, surf, foreground, …]) Set parameters for anatomical plot
set_frame_order(self, order) Set the order in which frames are plotted
set_parallel_view(self[, forward, up, scale]) Set view for all plots (cf.