Brain.add_ndvar_p_map(self, p_map, param_map=None, p0=0.05, p1=0.01, p0alpha=0.5, *args, **kwargs)

Add a map of p-values as data-layer

p_map : NDVar | NDTest

Map of p values, or test result.

param_map : NDVar

Statistical parameter covering the same data points as p_map. Only the sign is used, for incorporating the directionality of the effect into the plot.

p0 : scalar

Highest p-value that is visible.

p1 : scalar

P-value where the colormap changes from ramping alpha to ramping color.

p0alpha : 1 >= float >= 0

Alpha at p0. Set to 0 for a smooth transition, or a larger value to clearly delineate significant regions (default 0.5).

Other parameters for add_ndvar().