Brain.add_ndvar_label(self, ndvar, color=(1, 0, 0), borders=False, name=None, alpha=None, lighting=False)

Draw a boolean NDVar as label.

ndvar : NDVar

Boolean NDVar.

color : matplotlib-style color | None

anything matplotlib accepts: string, RGB, hex, etc. (default “crimson”)

borders : bool | int

Show only label borders. If int, specify the number of steps (away from the true border) along the cortical mesh to include as part of the border definition.

name : str

Name for the label (for display in legend).

alpha : float in [0, 1]

alpha level to control opacity

lighting : bool

Whether label should be affected by lighting (default False).


To remove previously added labels, run Brain.remove_labels(). This method can only plot static labels; to plot a contour that varies over time, use Brain.add_ndvar() with the contours parameter.