UTSStat.set_clusters(self, clusters, pmax=0.05, ptrend=None, color='.7', ax=None, y=None, dy=None)

Add clusters from a cluster test to the plot (as shaded area).

clusters : None | Dataset

The clusters, as stored in test results’ clusters. Use None to remove the clusters plotted on a given axis.

pmax : scalar

Only plot clusters with p <= pmax.

ptrend : scalar

Maximum p-value of clusters to plot as trend.

color : matplotlib color | dict

Color for the clusters, or a {effect: color} dict.

ax : None | int

Index of the axes to which the clusters are to be added. If None, add the clusters to all axes.

y : scalar | dict

Y level at which to plot clusters (default is boxes spanning the whole y-axis).

dy : scalar

Height of bars.