class eelbrain.plot.SensorMaps(sensors, select=[], proj='default', size=1, color='k', marker='.', frame=0.05, *args, **kwargs)

Multiple views on a sensor layout.

Allows selecting sensor groups and retrieving corresponding indices.

sensors : Sensor | NDVar

The Sensor dimension, or an NDVar with a sensor dimension.

select : list of int

Initial selection.

proj : str

Sensor projection for the fourth plot.

size : scalar

Size for the sensor markers.

color : matplotlib color

Color for the sensor markers.

marker : str

Marker for the sensor positions.

frame : scalar

Size of the empty space around sensors in axes.

Also accepts General layout parameters.


Selecting Sensor Groups:

  • Dragging with the left mouse button adds sensors to the selection.
  • Dragging with the right mouse button removes sensors from the current selection.
  • The ‘Clear’ button (or clear()) clears the selection.


add_hline(self, y[, axes]) Draw a horizontal line on one or more axes
add_hspan(self, bottom, top[, axes]) Draw a horizontal bar on one or more axes
add_vline(self, x[, axes]) Draw a vertical line on one or more axes
add_vspan(self, xmin, xmax[, axes]) Draw a vertical bar on one or more axes
clear(self) Clear the current sensor selection.
close(self) Close the figure.
draw(self) (Re-)draw the figure (after making manual changes).
draw_crosshairs(self[, enable]) Draw crosshairs under the cursor
get_selection(self) Retrieve the current selection
image(self[, name, format]) Create FMTXT Image from the figure
save(self, *args, **kwargs) Short-cut for Matplotlib’s savefig()
set_name(self, name) Set the figure window title
set_selection(self, select) Set the current selection with a list of indices.
set_xlabel(self, label[, ax]) Set the label for the x-axis
set_xtick_rotation(self, rotation) Rotate every x-axis tick-label by an angle (counterclockwise, in degrees)
set_ylabel(self, label[, ax]) Set the label for the y-axis