MneExperiment.plot_evoked(self, subjects=None, separate=False, baseline=True, ylim='same', run=None, **kwargs)

Plot evoked sensor data

subjects : str | 1 | -1

Subject(s) for which to load data. Can be a single subject name or a group name such as 'all'. 1 to use the current subject; -1 for the current group. Default is current subject (or group if group is specified).

separate : bool

When plotting a group, plot all subjects separately instead or the group average (default False).

baseline : bool | tuple

Apply baseline correction using this period. True to use the epoch’s baseline specification (default).

ylim : ‘same’ | ‘different’

Use the same or different y-axis limits for different subjects (default ‘same’).

run : bool

Run the GUI after plotting (default in accordance with plotting default).

State parameters.