eelbrain.label_operator(labels, operation='mean', exclude=None, weights=None, dim_name='label', dim_values=None)

Convert labeled NDVar into a matrix operation to extract label values

labels : NDVar of int

NDVar in which each label corresponds to a unique integer.

operation : ‘mean’ | ‘sum’

Whether to extract the label mean or sum.

exclude : array_like

Values to exclude (i.e., use exclude=0 to ignore the area where labels==0.

weights : NDVar

NDVar with same dimension as labels to assign weights to label elements.

dim_name : str

Name for the dimension characterized by labels (default "label").

dim_values : dict

Dictionary mapping label ids (i.e., values in labels) to values on the dimension characterized by labels. If values are strings the new dimension will be categorical, if values are scalar it will be Scalar. The default values are the integers in labels.

m : NDVar

Label operator, extracts label mean/sum.