class eelbrain.UTS(tmin, tstep, nsamples)

Dimension object for representing uniform time series

tmin : float

First time point (inclusive).

tstep : float

Time step between samples.

nsamples : int

Number of samples.


Special indexing:

(tstart, tstop) : tuple
Restrict the time to the indicated window (either end-point can be None).
tmin : float

Lowest time point in seconds.

tmax : float

Largest time point [s].

tstep : float

Time step for each sample [s].

nsamples : int

Number of samples.

tstop : float

Time sample after tmax [s] (consistent with indexing excluding end point).

times : array (nsamples,)

Array with all time points.


connectivity(self) Retrieve the dimension’s connectivity graph
dimindex(self, arg) Convert a dimension index to an array index
from_int(first, last, sfreq) Create a UTS dimension from sample index and sampling frequency
index_into_dim(self, dim) Index into a subset dimension
intersect(self, dim[, check_dims]) Create a UTS dimension that is the intersection with dim