class eelbrain.Model(x)

A list of effects.

x : effect | iterator of effects

Effects to be included in the model (Var, Factor, Interaction , …). Can also contain models, in which case all the model’s effects will be added.

effects : list

Effects included in the model (Var, Factor, etc. objects)


as_table(self[, method, cases, group_terms]) Return a table with the model codes
check(self[, v]) Shortcut to check linear independence and orthogonality
head(self[, n]) Table with the first n cases in the Model
info(self) A fmtxt.Table with information about the model
lin_indep(self[, v]) Check the Model for linear independence of its factors
orthogonal(self[, v]) Check the Model for orthogonality of its factors
repeat(self, n) Repeat each row of the Model n times
sorted(self) Sorted copy of the Model, interactions last
tail(self[, n]) Table with the last n cases in the Model