class eelbrain.Interaction(base)

Represents an Interaction effect.

Usually not initialized directly but through operations on Factors/Vars.

base : sequence

List of data-objects that form the basis of the interaction.

base : list

All effects.


aggregate(self, x)
as_cells(self) All values as a list of tuples.
as_factor(self[, delim, name]) Convert the Interaction to a factor
as_labels(self[, delim]) All values as a list of strings.
as_var(self, labels[, default, name]) Convert into a Var
count(self, value[, start]) Cumulative count of the occurrences of value
enumerate_cells(self[, name]) Enumerate the occurrence of each cell value throughout the data
index(self, cell) Array with int indices equal to cell
index_opt(self, cell) Find an optimized index for a given cell.
isin(self, cells) An index that is true where the Interaction equals any of the cells.
sort_index(self[, descending, order]) Create an index that could be used to sort this data_object.