DatasetSTCLoader.make_dataset(load_stcs=True, subject='fsaverage', src='ico-4', **stc_kwargs)

Load stcs into a Dataset with columns for subject and experimental factors

Dataset contains one case per condition per subject, and source estimates loaded as an NDVar. Any additional keyword arguments are passed to eelbrain.load.fiff.stc_ndvar(). If SUBJECTS_DIR is not set in your environment, it should be provided here.

  • load_stcs (bool) – Whether to include stc data in dataset. Only False when testing on unreadable stc files.

  • subject (str) – Subject ID of brain to which the source estimates belong; default: ‘fsaverage’

  • src (str) – Source space surface decimation; default ‘ico-4’


ds – Dataset with columns ‘subject’ (random factor), ‘src’ (NDVar of stc data), and one Factor for each item in self.factors.

Return type