Boxplot.mark_pair(cell_1, cell_2, y, dy=None, mark=None, color=None, nudge=None, **text_args)

Mark a pair of categories with a line and a label

  • cell_1 (Union[float, str, Tuple[str, ...]]) – Data-cell to be compared (can be specified as cell or as x-coordinate)

  • cell_2 (Union[float, str, Tuple[str, ...]]) – Second cell to be compared.

  • y (float) – Level above which to plot the bar.

  • dy (float) – Length of vertical ticks on each side of the bar (offsets the location of the bar itself to y + dy; use negative values to flip orientation).

  • mark (Union[float, str]) – Text label, or p-value to automatically determine the label and color.

  • color (Any) – Color for bar and label.

  • nudge (Union[bool, float]) – Nudge the edges of the bar inwards to allow multiple bars side-by-side on the same level of y.

  • ... – All other parameters are used to plot the text label with matplotlib.axes.Axes.text().