eelbrain.load.fiff.stc_ndvar(stc, subject, src, subjects_dir=None, method=None, fixed=None, name=None, check=True, parc='', connectivity=None, sss_filename='{subject}-{src}-src.fif')

Convert one or more mne.SourceEstimate objects to an NDVar.

  • stc (SourceEstimate | list of SourceEstimates | str) – The source estimate object(s) or a path to an stc file. Volum and vector source estimates are supported.

  • subject (str) – MRI subject (used for loading MRI in PySurfer plotting)

  • src (str) – The kind of source space used (e.g., ‘ico-4’).

  • subjects_dir (Union[Path, str, None]) – The path to the subjects_dir (needed to locate the source space file).

  • method ('MNE' | 'dSPM' | 'sLORETA' | 'eLORETA') – Source estimation method (optional, used for generating info).

  • fixed (Optional[bool]) – Source estimation orientation constraint (optional, used for generating info).

  • name (Optional[str]) – Ndvar name.

  • check (bool) – If multiple stcs are provided, check if all stcs have the same times and vertices.

  • parc (Optional[str]) – Name of a parcellation to add to the source space. None to add no parcellation. The default is aparc for surface source-spaces and none for volume source spaces.

  • connectivity ('link-midline') – Modify source space connectivity to link medial sources of the two hemispheres across the midline.

  • sss_filename (str) – Filename template for the MNE source space file.