eelbrain.load.fiff.add_mne_epochs(ds, tmin=-0.1, tmax=None, baseline=None, target='epochs', **kwargs)

Load epochs and add them to a dataset as mne.Epochs.

If, after loading, the Epochs contain fewer cases than the Dataset, a copy of the Dataset is made containing only those events also contained in the Epochs. Note that the Epochs are always loaded with preload==True.

If the Dataset’s info dictionary contains a ‘bad_channels’ entry, those bad channels are added to the epochs.

  • ds (Dataset) – Dataset with events from a raw fiff file (i.e., created by

  • tmin (scalar) – First sample to include in the epochs in seconds (Default is -0.1).

  • tmax (scalar) – Last sample to include in the epochs in seconds (Default 0.6; use tstop instead to specify index exclusive of last sample).

  • baseline ((float, float) | None) – Time interval for baseline correction. (tmin, tmax) tuple in seconds, or None to use all the data (e.g., (None, 0) uses all the data from the beginning of the epoch up to t = 0). Set to None for no baseline correction (default).

  • target (str) – Name for the Epochs object in the Dataset.

  • ... – See mne_epochs().